Commercial office wiring inspections and maintenance

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If you are a tenant in a commercial building who is looking for a reliable company to help you with any electrical work, look no further- Lavery Electrical can service individual tenants within a commercial building for your convenience.

Whether your are leasing out just one floor or twenty, the team can provide a service for you, from electrical office maintenance and repairs to electrical inspections and also offer an office partnership, so all of your needs are sorted through just one company.

Electrical safety inspections and wiring checks

If you want to ensure the safety of your building and protect your employees from any potential electrical dangers, get an electrician to conduct an electrical safety inspection to ensure the wiring in your premises is safe.

Lavery Electrical will inspect all electrical appliances,light fittings and power outlets including existing wiring infrastructure to confirm safety in the work place. Upon completion Lavery Electrical will fully inform clients of any potential issues and address accordingly with the customers approval.

A partnership with trustworthy electricians

An office electrical partnership can be offered, where you can regularly rely on Lavery Electrical to service your building or commercial premises. This way you can count on one company to do the job properly each and every time.

For professional, reliable Wellington electrical inspections, call Lavery Electrical today.

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